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What Kind of Motorcar to Buy

There are many types and styles of motorcars.  If you want a complete and comprehensive look at the specifications of virtually every type of motorcar built in modern times, you might want to look at Glen Butcher's "List of Motorcar Types."

At the end of the day, however, we probably can distill motorcars into two distinct types:  the small section cars (M9, M19, M14, Woodings), and the larger gang cars (A4, 5, 6, S2).  The section cars do very well carrying two to four people, while the gang cars will carry a much larger load.  Once you have a better feel for things, you can begin to imagine what kind of excursions you might want to participate in, and what kind of car will be best suited for your needs.  That's the point at which you should start seriously looking. 

By virtue of your NARCOA membership, you will receive an occasional copy of "The Setoff."  This is the newsletter of the national organization, and normally contains a couple of pages of want ads.  There also are on-line want ads posted this web site.

You might also want to send on email to the speeder list which you joined back in the beginning specifying what kind of motorcar you want to buy.  It's always a good source for cars, parts and accessories.

In addition, there are also several commercial sources for both used and rebuilt motorcars.  Look on this website under "vendors" and you will find  links to firms who specialize in this field.

And there may be people in your local area who have railcars for sale.  Ask your mentor about this, and ask around at nearby motorcar excursions.

And don't forget that you'll need a trailer to transport your motorcar to your first excursion.  The motorcar you buy may come with one, or you may have to shop the same sources.  By the way, consider the tow car as well, and make sure that you have enough capacity to handle the weight.  Also check your state laws on trailer brakes.  Particularly if you'll be towing one of the heavier cars, you may need a braking system in most states.

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