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If there is a sage piece of advice to offer someone who is interested in joining the motor car hobby it’s this:  Take Your Time!   Too many of us have made avoidable mistakes, spent too much money, bought the wrong equipment, frustrated ourselves, and made life difficult.  Others have made a smooth transition, found the right equipment, saved a lot of money and made life easy….  By taking the time to look around and learn about the hobby.

After all, this is not like sitting in the shade watching the trains pass through.  This is a proactive hobby that requires a lot of commitment, a lot of dedication, and a lot of work.

You’re going to get wet, and you’re going to get cold.  You’re going to sweat in the summer heat, you’ll have to lift and pull, you might have to drive hundreds of miles to get to the set on point.  You’ll have mechanical breakdowns, and hopefully you’ll have the needed spare part; many parts are not that easy to find. 

But you’ll see things that other folks will never see: less than 200 folks have ever traveled the Copper Canyon by motorcar.  You’ll pass through valleys, climb long grades, cross wooden trestles, glide along rivers and rushing streams, pass through forests for hour after hour.  And all with a view that in many cases is better than the locomotive engineer has.

And then there's the people in the hobby.  Some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet are a part of the motorcar community.  Every walk life, every economic level is represented.  There are doctors, lawyers, business people, mechanics, police officers, custodians and a healthy assortment of railroad people who simply like to ride railroads other than their own.

And you’ll never be without help.  You’ll find folks to mentor you, to help you select the right equipment, to take you on rides before you’re ready to go on your own. Folks will exchange ideas with you and give you the best advice.  And when that breakdown does occur, you’ll find help in getting you car back underway.  And quite possibly that part you need will be on someone’s motorcar, somewhere in the excursion.

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